Fear by Dr. Dipen Lama

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Almost everyone, male or female; old or young of the Lama Khutti village was frightened, hearing the repeated booming gun shots, as if the bullets were flying just above their heads – signifying the end of the World. Few village folks seemed busy on their parts recording the horrific scene of the village (just to figure out the villagers’ fright as a mocking figure) – the village once known for integrity and peace-loving peoples. Before this fateful day, no man or woman of this village seen so committed as a prayer warrior.
The time and the situation had changed, where the elders were quite frenetic in search of their personal Holy Bible, which they use only on days of visiting their Church or any other. Few even forgot the place where the Holy material was placed after the previous holy visit. I rubbed eyes and even pinched myself to elucidate; what I see now are not dreams. My own people were so much prayerful – bursting out their hidden sins, grievances; pleading for forgiveness for their wrong-doings in the past. Some even confessed responsibly that they’ve ceased sparing times for short fellowship together with families – all only because of the worldly pleasures and anxiousness.
Slowly and steadily, the armed personnel from both the directions retreated back, like cat’s move, bringing the feelings of satisfaction and igniting the light of hopefulness. Subsequently, after the disgusting scenario, I wished to go to the Church – at least for thanksgiving. Dazed and astonished, I stood at the main door for almost 10-12 minutes, unable to neither speak nor make slight movement. Why? The local Church was completely full and packed, not a single seat available. Never knew earlier that the village comprised of so many God-fearing people in numbers. A sense of contentment ran through the nerves to every parts of the body and secondly felt honoured to be a member of this God-fearing village, where Christ is the sole Commander and we, His soldiers.
I wished if the similar firings continue at least once or twice a year, with fright making everyone prepared and closer to Christ. Blessed rewards are never achieved without hurdles and thorns. First seek His mercy and be faithful, then everything will be transported to your life and blessing to your children.
“We come naked and go naked. Nothing can be taken with death.” Love not your worldly possessions. You can never take together after your death. Be good and kind to your neighbours, who are poor and needy. Help them and the Almighty One will definitely look after you, even after your final journey.
[A short fiction by Dr. Dipen Lama, Geyzing,West Sikkim]

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