Life and Death

[ 0 ] May 18, 2018 |
This world was made for you and me. We were always meant to be it’s rulers. All that is in it, all that walks on it, all that grows forth from its soil…all of that was made for us.
To use as we please and rule as we would. The earth was always ours to conquer. All men, all women, and all children, we were meant to rule together. For our Father is the King and we are the princes and princesses.
We are the most supreme of all creation. We are above cattle and above fish, above bird and above insect, above angel and above demon. We are at the top. For He who made us, gave us not only life, but the choice to live or to die.
And we? We chose death. Because we were fooled, we were naive. However, ruling the world isn’t an easy task, and we have not done it well.
We caused a curse to fall upon the ground, we caused a curse to fall upon the woman and the man. Out of our own free will. We CHOSE to die.
But our Father He is, and love us He does. He gave us a choice again. He Himself came for us. He Himself wants to save us. We need only desire salvation and it shall be ours. We need only wish for life, and He will give it back to us. He wants to save us, always did, always will.
Life or Death? The choice is ours. Today and forever, we need to choose: again and again and again. Every moment of every day, we must choose. Between life and death, between fear and courage, between love and hate, between pain and pleasure, between power and weakness.

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