My Choices

[ 0 ] May 18, 2018 |
The choice between life and death,
That choice is mine to make.
The choice between love and hate,
That decision is mine to take.
For my Father loves me no end,
He gives me a choice again and again,
Though I can never make an amend,
He lets me choose between pleasure and pain.
Once upon a time, I chose to die,
I chose pain and I chose to cry.
I chose to hate and I chose to lie.
I made choices: and all of them were mine.
But today; today I choose life,
Today I choose truth above lies,
Today I choose pleasure over strife,
Today I choose His above mine.
His plans I shall choose over mine,
His decisions over any terrible crime,
His choices for me that are divine,
His love I will choose, every single time.

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Category: Poetry, कबीता

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