Arson attack at the Catholic Church just after office secretary of Christian Federation was shot.

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Photo by Aadan Pradaan

Photo by Aadan Pradaan

NC Reporter, 20th April 2017, Kathmandu

Arson attacked by an anonymous group of people at county’s biggest Catholic Church has left two motorcycles and a four wheeler totally burnt on 18th April early morning. Besides priest residence and western entrance of the Church has been damaged by the blaze.

At the time of fire, eleven people were sleeping at the residence, no one hurt except one person got his left hand below the arm burnt up to first degree while trying to open the door.

The Nepal Catholic Church at its press release on 19th has expressed deep sorrow over the incident.

The Church further believes that the government of Nepal will conduct a fair investigation into the matter.

“We have taken a clear stance against acts that attempt to disturb social harmony and we also raise our gentle plea against such acts” – stated in press release.

The Church was under protection of security forces during prayer services in Holy Week and Easter Sunday as a regular practices since it was bombed back in 2009.

Catholic Church in Nepal has been solely supporting development of country via various social services and academic institutions over half a century. The service offered is much higher compare to the only eight thousands population of Nepalese Catholic.

The Catholic Church has prayerfully requested all to promote and maintain mutual peace and harmony considering Nepal as a multi religious and multi-cultural country under her constitution.

In an apparent attack Santosh Khadka secretary of the office of Christian Federation of Nepal was shot by unidentified actor on Sunday evening in same district. Khadka got his waist injured.

According to the federation’s general secretary and spokesperson Sagar Baijuka, Khadka is undergoing treatment. He mentioned that security is too weak in the capital; government should take necessary action and let all the religions to exercise their faith. This attack comes just one day before the arson attack at the Assumption Church.

Nepal Christian Society (NCS) too have issued a press release on 19th demanding justice to the perpetrators of above incident.

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