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Janak_B.CLast week, I got an opportunity to watch a movie “To Save a Life,”  which is a 2010 Christian drama film directed by Brian Baugh. This led me to jot down few words. The WEEK magazine had done a wide range of research on how Indian bright minds are being drowned towards the Dark side! It was shocking to me to read this news that how a bright and an educated person can end up his/her life in nowhere.

This seems to be a mystery for many of us, but we always lack in understanding the victims and their struggles.  We are living in the age where no one even bothers in others’ struggles. In fact this has become the civilization of the X-generation. You mind your business and I will mind mine!
Let me quote the e-mail that Nitish Kumar Reddy writes his last words to his father. The final-year M.Tech student at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras hanged himself from a ceiling fan in his hostel room in the last month.

Dad, sorry I couldn’t be a better son of you…all you asked was a betterment of my career and future and I couldn’t give it to you…I have failed you dad and I am so sorry about it..Mom,  sorry, I really love you more…I was weak…I thought I could become strong but failed…The fault is my own…


This is one of the news that is happening in Indian brain centres at the moment. The Week records that the total number of students in premier institutes who killed themselves since 2008 is 28. Who bothers this in the competent world? Who will bridge the gap then? We all are in process to fulfil the exceptions of others, sometime even ours as well, no matter what sacrifices have to be made! In midst of the hustle and bustle of this e-age, how we Christian would respond to the problems?

Now, a fresh question comes to us. How are you going to deal with our societies that we are going to be involved?

In the movie, Raja ended his life with a pistol, just because that he couldn’t want to continue the life alone. He thought that the world doesn’t like him or in other word, he did not find the worth of his survival. You and I may conclude, saying that how are we responsible to someone’s suicide?  That’s what Jake even confesses in the movie. The movie was alarming to me! Perhaps to (you)! I do not want to give an absolute statement that we should (watch the movie)! Nevertheless, I just leave onto you to explore more…

If not, what’s going to be the use of our degrees from the Seminary? Is it just for ME and MY survival?  Think for a while!! Galatians 6:2 was correct when Paul says that “Bear one another’s burden…” Am I supposed to mind the burden of the one, whom I know and I like? I know that it’s human phenomena! But I think we should break the boundary of relationship (probably, cross the boundary) here and go little further. Who knows that your own friend, who is always with you, might be going through a time of loneliness and depression? Who knows that God has appointed you to be a messenger to him, a person like Raja (In fact, It was too late for Jake)!

At last, I recommend you all to watch the movie at least once. Have a nice day!

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