United in Christ

[ 5 ] May 15, 2015 |
Rhema Subedi

Rhema Subedi

Shocks and tremors under the ground ,
Shock and terror all around…
As the world unites for Nepal,
All Nepalis unite to be equal.

Religion nor race matters now,
Matters only the breath in the crowd.
All that matters is, does everyone breathe?
‘Cause if they do, we’ll let them live.

It matters not if you’re rich or poor,
not when the ground shakes and you stand under your door.
It matters not if you’re old or young, not when you sing the same sad song.

It matters not if you’re humble or proud,
Today you’ll be seen as one in the crowd.
This is a disaster that brings us together,
A time of trouble, that makes us fight for each other.

When all are one, and live in a tent,
That’s when we understood, what brotherhood meant.
When our kitchen is one, and our bed the same,
It’s now, when we sit together, and take one name.

The name of God holds us close,
All humans are friends and none are foes.
When enemies spend days and nights under the sky,
That’s when we realize, where all our faith lies.

Now do we realize, that money gets us nowhere?
That every human is the same as long as we’re here?
Do we know we mustn’t look down on anybody?
Because now, everybody becomes just another somebody.

Millionaires, ministers, presidents, are all like ourselves,
And I think we know, we are all made in the likeness of God Himself.
His only Son, came down to be like all people,
So what have we to pride, if we can’t help the feeble?

Christ Himself became human,
Just so all people would become one.
Will we do so, in this time of need?
Help each other, and hold no greed?

Can we unite in the name of Jesus,
And praise the Son, Who became one of us?
Can we help all our brothers and sisters,
Unite to help each other, in the memory of Easter.

Let’s remember Easter, when He gave His life,
Let’s help others, save many more lives,
Just as Christ saved us from death,
Let’s try and save others from a terrible fate.

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