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Job Description for: Project Manager

Reports to:  Lead Project Manager


Company Overview:

Purnaa is a World Fair Trade Guaranteed company, an ethical manufacturer of different products that export to North America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Purnaa is a for-profit, social enterprise dedicated to creating training and employment opportunities for survivors of exploitation and discrimination in Nepal.

Job purpose:

Management of Purnaa projects: coordinating between clients and Purnaa’s different departments; sourcing, production, quality control, accounting, and logistics teams to ensure timely and correct fulfillment of projects.

Fit Description:

As a project manager you are conscientious and hard-working­­passionate about doing excellent work. You having experience managing complex projects and are looking for a long-term position where you can learn and grow. Attention to detail and being organized are your strong suits. You have excellent verbal and written communication and can manage multi-layered projects from sampling, production and fulfillment. You will be a part of a dynamic and high-performing team. The focus of this role is to manage complex processes – not to oversee staff but to oversee order details and timelines, product specifications, and customer relationships.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

  1. Oversee specific orders from the start of production to shipping and ensure timely, efficient, and correct fulfillment
  2. Be available to all Purnaa departments to clarify details and support smooth workflow
  3. Facilitate communications among different teams (sales, sourcing, production, QC, shipping, accounting) to prepare for and coordinate timely and correct fulfillment
  4. Coordinate with production manager for scheduling and pricing of customer’s products
  5. Coordinate with accounting and shipping to ensure timely and correct invoicing and fulfillment
  6. Coordinate with quality control to ensure quality inspection criteria reflects customer desires and analyze product faults
  7. Coordinate with sourcing to ensure availability of materials to meet customer requirements
  8. Coordinate with the sales team to ensure seamless hand-off of new projects from sales to project-management, and back to sales for follow-up.
  9. Attend meetings to represent customer, and coordinate project details
  10. Track project details through Google-Spreadsheet & other methods to include compiling relevant customer information, shipping information, order quantity, colors, sizes, materials, tags, labels, etc.
  11. Ensure professional and timely communications with customer to
  12. Collect tech specifications and ensure all necessary information is documented for completing an order in production
  13. Keep customer informed about status of an order and offer good customer service
  14. Advise customers on timing, suitable materials, design modifications, and costing



  1. Demonstrated experience managing complex projects
  2. Excellent English language oral and written communication and cross-cultural communication
  3. Highly organized and attentive to detail
  4. Excellent computer skills (e-mail, Skype, Word, Excel and others)
  5. Self-directed and able to work well with others to get things done
  6. Ability to prioritize among many concurrent projects
  7. Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  8. Master Degree (any)
  9. 3 years of management work experience in any related field.

Working Hrs:

Monday – Friday, 8:15am – 5: 30pm. Additional hours may be necessary to meet deadlines and accommodate customer time zones.

Minimum 3-year commitment is expected.


If interested, please e-mail your application and CV to [email protected] or call the Purnaa Human Resources Officer at 9843858605 (calling time 10- 5pm expect Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday)



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