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Rhema Subedi

Rhema Subedi

I think I do remember correctly,
There used to be a way here,
A way to do things nicely,
And nothing was lost anywhere…

Now I don’t see that way,
Everything has changed, Things get lost, people go away,
And everyone has lost their way.

In this confusion, I lost my way too,
The way I used to walk by, is lost.
I see people move off, I see them run,
Blindly, I follow, through  the lost way….

In this age, the scientific era,
Everyone is lost,
No GPS can help them,
No one can, because, everyone is lost,

We’ve lost the way to the truth,
We’ve lost sight, and can’t see the light ,
No one can help us,
But THAT lost way…

‘Oh look!’ I hear someone say,
‘ There it is, our lost way!!!’
‘ Oh glory!’ I whispered.
For the way I saw,
Was the one for which I searched.


Oh, finally I could see the light,
He gave me the truth,
I was Him, I realized,
He was the lost way…

There I heard him say,
‘I am the way, the truth, and the life’
And I could see, He was the light.
Then commanded He,
To all that had found the way…

‘Be like salt’, He said.
‘Be like the light set on top of a hill,
Let the people see you, taste you,
Help them, find the Way.’

And Christ Himself was the Way,
The way through which I walk,
I’ll lead others to this Way,
For this, finally, leads to truth,
To light, and, most importantly, to LIFE…

He is the living water,
The bread from heaven,
The only thing we need,
He is the Way…
That Way back to our lost life,
The ONLY Way…

Though it’s narrow, it leads to life.
But the way we went after losing the Real Way,
That way is wide, the door is big,
But through it we get to anguish, to pain, to DEATH!!!!

So friends, those of us as have found the Way,
Let us unite, and help others do the same, Let’s bring them to the truth, through the narrow door…

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