Request for the Consultancy Service for the Endline Survey of “Economic Rehabilitation of Families with Children with Disability” Project

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Request for the Consultancy Service for the Endline Survey of “Economic Rehabilitation of Families with Children with Disability” Project

Introduction :
Sundar Dhoka Saathi Sewa (SDSS) is an NGO registered in Lalipur district on 2065 BS. It has been working in disability, health and education sectors.
SDSS has been implementing Economic Rehabilitation Project (ERP) for last two years, focusing to improve the income of families with people with disability. Having implemented the ERPs in communities for last two years; SDSS wants to learn from the project by conducting the endline survey of the ongoing ERP which is phasing out by December 2018.

Background :
Economic Rehabilitation Project has been implementing Since 2017. Two different products, namely ‘goat rearing’ and ‘poultry farming’ where chosen in last two years. Goat rearing benefited 24 families at Ashrang and Gimdi of Bagmati Rural Municipality (RM) on 2017 and in current year poultry farming has been implementing benefitting 60 families with children with disability at Nallu and Chaughare of Konjyosom RM and Badikhel and Lele of Godawari Municipality.

Objectives of the assignment :
SDSS wants to learn the effectiveness of the EPR specifically, the poultry farming scheme.
The consultant will need to engage in the endline survey. Following are the project’s indicators that will be referred during the assignment.
1. % of farmers who increase their income from the poultry farming activities
2. % of households demonstrating productive poultry farming techniques
3. % of families within total beneficiaries who have properly functioning chicken houses
4. % of families that put at least 30% of savings into the Child with Disability’s account
5. % of families who have improved access to goverment services
6. % of families who report improved attitudes towards their family and child with disability (CWD)

Methodology :
Consultant will discuss with SDSS’s team to develop a detail methodology for the endline survey of the project. The methodology will include and not limited to following points,
Project document study which include a review of project proposal, agreement between SDSS and Samaritan Purse, Logframe etc. Data collection by conducting household survey, key informant interview, focus group with government staff, community leader and SDSS’s staff.

Project Location and Beneficiaries
The endline survey of the project will be carried out in ward 4, 5 and 6 of Godawari Municipality and ward 1 and 4 of Konjyosom RM. A total of 60 families with children with disability are the direct beneficiaries of the project.
The farthest location of the project is around 26 km from Satdobato Lalitpur.

Key Deliverables :
The consultant will be responsible to accomplish following,
• A brief concept or flow chart of the endline survey indicating the methodology, survey plan etc.
• Orientation to enumerators on survey methodology, tools, plan
• Leading the endline survey team by applying tools for data collection, data entry and analysis
• Endline sruvey report – first draft report is expected to receive by 14th December 2018 which will be reviewed and commented by the management team of SDSS and the final report is expected to receive by 19 December 2018

Responsibility of SDSS :
SDSS will share the project details which include and not limited to proposal, logframe, project agreement, assessment report, progress report.
SDSS will deploy field staff to assist survey team, visit project location, immerse in community and build rapport with families and community leaders.
SDSS will also hire six enumerators who will assist in data collection and associated work in the endline survey.

Budget and Time Frame :
The consultency cost will be agreed with the consultant according to her/ his expectation, expertise and available budget. SDSS will pay for every essential logistic including a resonable stipend to the enumerators.
It is expected that the work will require three weeks. The work will start on 2 December 2018 and shall be completed by 21 December 2018. The time frame is strict and no extention will be given to submit the final report. Following table shows details about working days.
Task No of days
Background reading and preparation of tools and methodology 2
Orientation to enumerator, field test and detail plan of enline sruvey 2
Field work – data collection using survey tool, KII, Focus Group 6
Data entry, analysis and report writing 4
Discussion on the first draft report and submitting the final report 3
Total days 17

Consultant selection criteria :
1. Concept note with the purposed methodology for the endline survey
2. Consultant’s previous experience and can do skill
3. Consultant’s qualification and technical knowlege
4. Consultancy cost

To apply :
Interested consultants who meet the requirements should apply by submitting their CV, application and a brief concept note (maximum 3 pages) that outlines the understanding of the assignment, methodology, brief technical description and her/ his consultency cost. The application can be emailed to with subject line “Endline Survey of Economic Rehabilitation Proejct” or hard copy can also be submitted to the address below.

Sundar Dhoka Saathi Sewa
Lalitpur Metropolitan City Ward 4, Bagdol Lalitpur
Phone : 977 01 5191213

The closing date for the application is 23 November 2018. Only short-listed applicants will be contacted for the interview.

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