Christian leaders sentenced five years of imprisonment

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121NC Reporter 20th Dec 2016

Salyan District Court finds four Christian leaders guilty of violence against women and committing witchcraft – sentenced five years of imprisonment.

Salyan district court sentenced five years of imprisonment to four local Christian leaders yesterday. Those who have been found guilty are; Ruplal Pariyar and Lali Pun: both of them are deacons at the local Church together with Ganga Pariya and Bimkali Budha.

Mentally unwell Seti Pariyar was brought to the Church for healing prayer as her brother in law and his family are Christian. Her father in law also used to go Church regular. According to Pastor Mukunda Sharma; a member of Religious Liberty Forum who made house visit to family of Pariyar, on the day of incident Seti was found alone in a nearby jungle, fully dirtied with human feces all her cloth around. When she saw Ruplal and the groups of people walking by, she shouted that she wanted to eat human feces. Someone from the crowd replied her to eat some from her own cloth. It has been said that she ate some and stayed quiet.

Even though incident took place in early June, five persons were arrested by police in late July and case was filed and frequently questioned if they were performing forceful conversion.

After five months of court trials, four of them found guilty of committing violence against women.

Christian community presumes that case was intentionally charged against just being a Christian even though verdict of the court have not mentioned any words about religion.


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