Voracious Writer
Voracious Writer is all about writing the article on Christ based faith with the phrase, “This life is just a period of transition to another real life in eternity, so be prepared.

The voracious writer presents the article written by Thomas Bogaty-Lord’s servant. The writer writes on Christ based faith articles to help the spiritually thirsty people world wide. Besides that the blog provides the wisdom filled parables, proverbs and sayings on variety of subjects to give day to day wisdom and knowledge to any one interested.

Author of dozens of Books namely:The Princes that lost the blessings, Jesus Abba and Spirit, Jesus Faith, Christianity and Krishnaneeti, Camel hump financial management for Christians, Master and Slave Manual, Unclean and clean animals among many others.

Recently the blog has started posting the Christian worship songs sung and composed by Thomas Bogaty-the servant of Most High.

The main aim of the blog is to preach gospel to the people worldwide.