Massive Earthquake Updates

April 28, 2015, Kathmandu, Nepa,

Dr. Bal  Krishna Sharma


Rev. Dr. Bal Krishna Sharma

Rev. Dr. Bal Krishna Sharma

Nepal, a mountainous nation has experienced a massive earthquake of such magnitude after 82 years. On Saturday 25th April, 2015 at 11:56 a massive 7.9 Richter earthquake shook Nepal. The epicenter of the quake was a Barpak village in Gorkha district west of Kathmandu valley. Saturday being the worship day of Christians, people were gathered in various church buildings whether rented or their own. I was in Shalom Assembly of God Church, in Kalanki, Kathmandu. I was preaching on that day. I was given time earlier than usual as I was planning to go to the airport to receive Nepal Theological College Graduation guest Rev. Peter McIntosh who was scheduled to arrive at 12:25 at Trivbhuvan International Airport.

On that Saturday, I preached from Jeremiah 1:4-8 about the call of Jeremiah in his young age. My emphasis was: God wants us to know our identity, our separation, and appointment. In order to fulfill these aspects in our lives, he wants us to take a step to obey him and he will supply all our needs.

I was about to conclude my sermon, the light went off. I felt something was shaking, I did not realize it was a quake, the shaking increased and people began to get out of the building, and there were about 600+ adults in the main building. About 300+ children were in their classes. The quake was so strong, it was even difficult to walk.  One side of our church building collapsed. The bricks fell inside. No one was hurt, but one elderly person was injured and taken to the hospital and he died while being treated.

After we came out from the church building, we tried to phone to our relatives and friends, the network was not functioning. Slowly some communication as restored and we were getting news that there was massive destruction everywhere. Aftershock continued several times. There have been more than 98 aftershocks and it still continues.

The most affected districts are: Gorkha, Dhading, Nuwakot, Rasua, Makawanpur, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Bhaktpur, Karve, Sindhupalchock, Rameschap, Okhaldhungda, Sindhuli and other districts in eastern Nepal.  Most of the houses are fully destroyed or partly damaged. People will not be able to stay in those houses. Many church buildings have been collapsed in these districts. Until now the death record is about 5000 and injured about 8000. Nepali Prime Minister has estimated that there may be 10000 deaths in this massive earthquake.

There are two phases of rehabilitation: 1. immediate rescue with providing shelter, food, water, medicine or physical treatment. 2. Long term plan of rebuilding demolished houses. The resources have to be generated for these purposes. People need to be helped to use technology that is quake resistant friendly. Village houses also need to get that technology in place for future building. International help is needed for this long term planning.

This disaster has struck the nation. We need to pray for the people of Nepal for their physical, mental healing as well as spiritual awakening that our lives are very delicate and we need to seriously think of its purpose of existence. There is no protection in the world, anywhere, but in God through Christ. This message of peace and hope is also the message this nation needs, today and always.

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