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image003Subject: Me? Light of the world?

Scripture: Mathew 5:16,

Jesus Himself declared that He is the light of the world and he who walks in Him will not stumble. We do acknowledge and understand that and we thank God that He is indeed the light of the world. But He also makes a stunning statement and says “You are the light of the world”. He did not say try to be or after much effort hopefully you can be light. I am quite fine with trying to be light, or hoping to be light. But to know that I am the light of the world! For me it is hard to even think that I can be light of the world. Since Jesus said it we have no other choice but to believe and act as light in the world. But what does it really mean and how can we be light? This is the question we have to consider and face. Light has lots of meaning and all religions talk about light because without light nothing is possible. Even when God was creating the world His first words were “Let there be light” In my humble and limited understanding these I learn about being light in the world.

Being light means to reflect His light in the world. We cannot be light on our own strength but God can make us light. Once we were not only in darkness but we were dark and then God not only brought us in light but made us light Ephesians 5:8. We reflect His glory in the world. As we align our lives increasingly with the Source of life we are being changed from one glory to another. It is constant and progressive change that will help us be the light of the Lord Jesus in the world.

Being light is responsibility. We are to always know that we have no light unless God gives us light. We do not earn or make it happen. Now that we are lights we need to through our words and actions give accurate direction to the people who come in contact with us.

Being light brings energy. Many times I hear complain from particularly Christian workers that they are too worn our and even burnt out due to heavy responsibility thrust upon them. Some even leave ministry because they think they are burnt out and the light is gone. Of course there could be many legitimate reasons such as health etc. but many times it is due to fundamental flow in their thinking that they are movers and shakers and if they are not involved nothing can happen. As light we must know that we cannot shine all the time and all over the place and we need oil of the Spirit to give us the fuel. Some have tremendous physical energy but no spiritual energy. They are constantly all over the place trying to do all things and be all to all people. Even as you look at a light especially candle in a dark room you will see a constant energy without any frantic hurriedness.

Being light we guide. We as light will have to lead people to the real and true and everlasting light. We are called to be a witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let your light so shine that when they see you they can see who you are and how you have become who you are. If we cannot guide them to the Saviour Lord Jesus then it is useless in being light

Being light means having precise perspective. When there is light all is clear. We can see things in their actual size, color and location. As a human being we are at times have screwed up perspective on many things of life. As light we not only show light but also see light and ascertain things based on actuality rather than on presumption. As lights we have the ability to not only shine for others but safeguard ourselves as well and one of the ways of doing this by facing reality of our own life.

Being light we do not scream but show. I have never seen any light shout. From the sun which has enormous and mind boggling power to a flickering and small candle we see there is no sound at all. At times we as Christians become too vociferous about our faith that we forget the power of silently burning and showing the way to the Lord.
Being light is soothing. Many times when we go for evening dinner in a nice restaurant we find wonderful ambience and this is created by soothing and balanced lighting. As light we need to be not only powerful but also soothing. Every time we meet people they should feel the soothing influence from our life. They should be able to relax with no worry in the world. In our presence people should experience healing and blessing.

Being light is joy and laughter. Near my house we have a big forest and one of the benefits of living here is the chirping of the birds of all kinds. Early morning before day break they come near our windows and make wonderful noises. Also when I go in the forest for walk I hear them sing joyfully. Christian life is full of joy and laughter and this is possible because we have experienced light and day break in our lives. Once Swami Vivekanada was accused of laughing too much and he said “Only if I have stomach ache then I find hard to laugh” Wherever we are or go we must bring mirth and joy. It is not a cheap frivolous but healthy and healing type of fun in life. Someone said “Never trust a spiritual man who cannot dance”

Being light we walk with each other (believers) in light. Once we realize this great concept and expectation then we will have no difficulty in walking with each other in light. John the apostle says “As we walk in light we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus cleanses us from all our sins.” Someone has said that sometime there is darkness just beneath light and it will be true when we do not walk in light with each other.

Being light we are set on a hill. A light on a hill is not there to vaunt its importance but to warn the people of danger and guide them to safety. It is like a light house which guides ships to a safe haven. So are we as we warn about the danger of living life of sin and guide them of safe bosom of the Lord Jesus who alone can forgive our sins.

When we celebrate there are lots of lights in homes, streets and shops. Light during the Christmas season sends message all over the world that now there is no need to be despondent but rejoice because our eyes have seen the salvation of the Lord and they who sit in darkness have now seen a great light. As Christians we are called to live, work and witness as lights of the world. This is a great privilege as well as great responsibility. Let us seek the help of God moment by moment to be the light of this world. Let us bring joy, faith and hope wherever we are.

Oh what a privilege and responsibility we have as little light in the name and on behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ. What are we without the Light of the World, the Lord Jesus Christ. We are who we are only because of the Lord Jesus. Therefore let us protect and guard our light all the time. Let our life bear the effulgence of the Lord at all time and spread His faith, love and hope in this world. Barber, a Bible Scholar says, “It is all because of Him. Outside of Him there is no light. In Him is where the light is. Remember, I am not the light. He is the light. I am light because the Light is within me. He has come in and turned it on, and now I can understand and comprehend. I can walk the way He wants me to walk. His Spirit can teach me the things I need to know, and I can live a life that reflects the essence of light. We were once darkness. Now we have been made light. Not just put in the light, we are now made light because He is in us”.
Jesus said, “…Let your light so shine among men that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” Mt. 5:16

My prayer for me and you is that we be free in our mind, clean in our heart and energy in our bodies. Let our light so shine that we be a great witness of His grace.

Here is a lovely poem by Annie Johnson Flint being a lamp

His Lamps

God’s lamps we are,
To shine where He shall say:
And lamps are not for sunny rooms,
Nor for the light of day;
But for the dark places of the earth,
Where shame and wrong and crime have birth,
Or for the murky twilight grey,
Where wandering sheep have gone astray,
Or where the Lamp of Faith grows dim,
And souls are groping after Him.
And as sometimes a flame we find,
Clear-shining through the night,
So dark we do not see the lamp
But only see the Light,
So may we shine, God’s love the flame,
That men may glorify His Name

There are many wonderful truths for you to glean from the Bible regarding light. How about you thinking on this topic and coming out with more concepts and meditate on those things you learn. Once it becomes part of you then you will find that many times you will act as light without even being aware of it. By the Holy Spirit and the Word of God let God change all of us from one glory to another in an ever increasing manner.

Poignant statement: If you can’t shine, at least twinkle



Almighty God who art the Light of the world,
grant us Thy heavenly blessing.
May the radiance of Your Light
illumine our hearts and
brighten our home with the
spirit of faith and love.
Let the Light of Your Presence guide us,
for in Your Light do we see light.
Bless us also with Your Spirit,
that happiness and peace may ever abide in all men.

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