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The formation of national groups in countries such as the Dominican Republic gives IPPFoRB the opportunity to focus on local understandings and explanations of freedom of religion or belief’’

David Anderson, MP Canada and Chair of the IPPFoRB Steering Committee

Deputy Graciela Fermin Nuesi, Coordinator IPPFoRB Dominican Republic. Image Source .

With the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights being celebrated last week, the world is once again reminded of its commitment to promote, protect and respect fundamental human rights of all.

It is amongst this that parliamentarians in the Dominican Republic decided to establish their own national group that would fight to protect and advocate freedom of religion or belief for everyone, everywhere.

Deputy Graciela Fermin Nuesi, Coordinator of the newly launched IPPFoRB Dominican Republic proudly said, ‘‘in the year that we celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration, our group wants to contribute to make the Dominican Republic an important player in the defense of religious freedom.’’

With 25 parliamentarians, IPPFoRB Dominican Republic is one of the four national groups within the region of Latin America. Other national groups are in Brazil, Honduras and Chile. The national group in Chile was launched in October 2018.

Anderson adds, ‘for IPPFoRB it is vital to form national and regional groups across political, religious and geographical divides. This is one of the ways dialogue and efforts on freedom of religion or belief can be improved globally.’

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