Nepali Prawasi Ekata Sanjaal (NeMUN)

[ 0 ] May 30, 2014 |

Helping returnees who are new believers in Christ to get established in a fellowship in Nepal and grow spiritually.

Where there is no local church in their village advising these returnees about linking with a nearby fellowship.

Providing suggestions and advice in line with their burden, vision and skills to new believers regarding training and employment.

Providing appropriate and cross-cultural orientation (in culture, language, customs, geography and other important subjects) to those planning to go abroad for prolonged periods.

Helping those who are going abroad for prolonged periods to get in touch with an appropriate Christian fellowship.

Providing some practical help to those who have fallen sick or are in other trouble overseas by linking with NGOs and Churches in the host country.

Working together in harmony with *Mitra Niwas and any others who are providing the same sort of service for Nepalese migrants.

Promoting prayer for the Lord’s work in the Nepalese Diaspora.

Educating local Nepalese churches about Christian ministries in the Diaspora and encouraging them to join in prayer and partner with us in this work.

Promoting communication and harmony between those involved in Nepalese ministries and fellowships both in Nepal and in the Diaspora worldwide.

Promoting networking by compiling a Directory, establishing a Webpage and publishing a Bulletin of information about Nepalese Diaspora activities and Contacts.

Working with other organisations (both Christian and secular) who are advocating for rights and fair conditions for Nepalese migrants.

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